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Type of Sample for Forensic DNA Testing
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Each person has a unique genetic profile ( save identical twins) and the cells of a given person, irrespective of tissue origin ( they may come from bone, muscle, blood etc) have the same DNA content. Therefore any type of sample/tissue can be used to generate a genetic profile.

In cases where a buccal swab sample cannot be obtained (e.g. individual is missing, deceased, or unable to participate) a forensic sample (e.g. hair, semen, or blood stains) can be submitted to our DNA Identity Testing Center for Forensic Testing.

Examples of samples
Dried blood stains (e.g. dried blood on garments, carpet, bed sheets bandages, cotton, paper etc)
Dried underwear stains (e.g. bodily fluids/stains on underwear, pads, tampons, condoms, etc)
Dried seminal fluid stains (e.g. stains on underwear, clothes, tissue, pillowcases, etc.)
Dried saliva stains (e.g. letters, stamps, drinking cups, napkins, cigarette butts, etc.)
Dried urine stains (e.g. towels, clothes, carpet, fabrics, etc.)

Hair, freshly plucked hair from the scalp works well< prefer >5 hairs with roots for adults; hair that has fallen naturally on brushes /pillows has less DNA in its roots and is not as efficient. Cut hair does not work. Hair must have bulb/root.
Fingernails and toenails can be a source of DNA, but useful amounts present vary among individuals.
Teeth and bone have DNA, but require an even more intense extraction process. These are quoted separately.
Sample Handling
DO not handle any of the above mentioned samples with bare hands, to avoid contamination. Samples should be packaged carefully, to avoid tampering, abrasion and/or other damage.
Sample Storage
The best way to store any of above samples is in a paper envelope. DO NOT use a plastic bag. DNA store dry in paper packaging will be better preserved.
Obtaining a good DNA profile is dependent upon the quality of the sample and whereas we do our best to obtain a full profile, this is often limited by the nature of the sample received. Therefore, we CAN NOT guarantee that we will obtain full or even partial DNA profile(s).
In general any sample that has human cells/fluids can be a source of DNA. Please call 800-DNA-EXAM (800-362-3926) or click here to contact us for any questions you may have regarding specific samples.
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