Paternity Leave Uk

DNAEXAM – the first company to provide paternity leave law services, has remained a major force in advancing biotechnology research both as leading supplier and developer of new technologies for paternity testing.

Our staff works hard to make the DNA Identity Testing Center your choice of provider for all DNA testing services. We ensure superior quality, service and convenience to our clients. In our commitment to providing convenience, please know that we provide a free DNASwabTM Home DNA Collection Kit for use in all types of private DNA tests.

Adoption of a Child
Paternity leave is the time a father takes off work at the birth or adoption of a child. This kind of leave is rarely paid. A few progressive companies offer new dads paid time off, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. And in 2004, California became the first state to offer paid family leave. (If you work in that state, you may be able to take up to six weeks at partial pay to care for your new baby.)
Family Leave Bills
Paid family leave bills have been introduced in other states as well. In the meantime, though, most fathers take vacation time or sick days when their children are born, and a growing number of new dads are taking unpaid family leave from their jobs to spend more time with their newborns. Here's how to find out if you're eligible for unpaid leave and how to make it work.
DNA Identification and Verification
The DNA Identity Testing Center also provides genetic profiling via our SAFEDNATM ID card. Your SAFEDNA ID card will provide positive identification and may be used to ensure child safety, prevent fraud and protect assets. To inquire about SAFEDNATM, call toll free 800-DNA-EXAM, 888-R-U-MYDAD or write to us at
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