Home Testing Kit

Drug test kits & alcohol test kits have EASY to read test results, are SAFE, ACCURATE, And FAST, GUARANTEED, can be done in PRIVACY and are easily AFFORDABLE. DNA Identity Testing Center – DITC has one of the biggest DNA sample collection networks in the world. Our existence in most cities allows us to schedule appointments near your home or office, often the same week. Tested parties may make collective appointments or appointments separately at no extra cost, even if they are in separate states.

Our staff works hard to make the DNA Identity Testing Center your choice of provider for all DNA testing services. We ensure superior quality, service and convenience to our clients. In our commitment to providing convenience, please know that we provide a free DNASwabTM Home DNA Collection Kit for use in all types of private DNA tests.

DNASwabTM Home DNA Collection Kit
We provide a FREE DNASwabTM home DNA collection kit, which is used to collect buccal (oral) swab samples quickly, painlessly and in the privacy of your own home. Contact a DNA specialist for a Free DNASwabTM DNA Collection Kit today
Other DNA Familial Relationship Tests
DNA testing can definitively identify distant biological relationships. Our laboratory routinely performs DNA tests in cases of questioned grandparentage, siblingship, twin zygosity, maternity and more. Our DNA specialists are available to answer your questions, call 800-DNA-EXAM, 888-R-U-MYDAD or write to us at DNAtest@800dnaexam.com
Private Paternity Test I: Duo Test
Secure online ordering and report (view) at the click of your fingertips! This test service includes: Testing of alleged father and child, FREE DNA sample collection kit (for collection of buccal swab samples only), FREE return of samples, Online view of test result within 5-7 business days, Certificate of Analysis by U.S. Mail
DNA Identification and Verification
The DNA Identity Testing Center also provides genetic profiling via our SAFEDNATM ID card. Your SAFEDNA ID card will provide positive identification and may be used to ensure child safety, prevent fraud and protect assets. To inquire about SAFEDNATM, call toll free 800-DNA-EXAM, 888-R-U-MYDAD or write to us at DNAtest@800dnaexam.com
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