Extracted DNA Uses

DNA extraction is a routine procedure to collect DNA for subsequent molecular or forensic analysis. There are three basic steps in a DNA extraction, the details of which may vary depending on the type of sample and any substances that may interfere with the extraction and subsequent analysis.

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Detecting DNA
Diphenylamine (DPA) indicators will confirm the presence of DNA. This procedure involves chemical hydrolysis of DNA: when heated (e.g. =95oC) in acid, the reaction requires a deoxyribose sugar and therefore is specific for DNA. Under these conditions, the 2-deoxyribose is converted to w-hydroxylevulinyl aldehyde, which reacts with the compound, diphenylamine, to produce a blue-colored compound.
Quantification of Nucleic Acids
Quantification of nucleic acids is commonly used in molecular biology to determine the concentrations of DNA or RNA present in a mixture, as subsequent reactions or protocols using a nucleic acid sample often require particular amounts for optimum performance. There exist several methods to establish the concentration of a solution of nucleic acids, including spectrophotometric quantification and UV fluorescence in presence of a DNA dye.
Nucleic Acid Methods
Nucleic acid methods are the techniques used to study Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Purification: Phenol-chloroform extraction, minicolumn purification
Quantification:Abundance in weight: spectroscopic quantification, Absolute abundance in number: RTPCR, high-throughput relative abundance DNA microarray, high-throughput absolute abundance SAGE, Size: Gel electrophoresis. Synthesis: De novo: Oligonucleotide synthesis, Amplification: PCR
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