Questions to Ask Your DNA Testing Laboratory
Choosing Right DNA Testing Lab

The DNA Identity Testing Center of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. is an active member of the AABB Relationship Testing Accreditation Program and actively participates in proficiency testing by the College of American Pathologists. With nearly 15 years experience in the DNA testing field, law enforcement, legal representatives and individuals alike trust BSI with their private and legal DNA testing issues, worldwide.

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DNA Testing Prices
Some companies advertise rock-bottom DNA testing prices, which can seem very attractive at first. However, often times, you will find that additional fees will accrue for reporting of results, shipping, consultation with a representative, etc. You want to make sure that the total fee you are quoted includes testing of all individuals involved, collection of their samples, reporting of the results and consultation with an educated consultant, if needed.
DNA Testing Lab Review
Markers in a DNA Test
In a DNA test, the number of markers tested will determine the accuracy of the test. A minimum of 15 markers tested is a good standard for a relationship test, and can provide an accuracy to 99.9999%. Question providers of tests where 10 or fewer markers are tested.
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AABB Accreditation
AABB accreditation is a very prestigious honor and only those relationship testing laboratories which uphold the strict quality standards enforced by the AABB and undergo routine audits shall receive it. Un-accredited labs do not have to abide by any standards and, therefore, may not offer the best service and most accurate tests. Of the hundreds of laboratories advertising DNA testing services worldwide, only 41 are currently AABB accredited.
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