Ancestor Tracing

We are guided by 3 principles being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  People have the ability to change their own behaviour. We are all in this together - We meet people in their communities and build on their strengths.

Our staff works hard to make the DNA Identity Testing Center your choice of provider for all DNA testing services. We ensure superior quality, service and convenience to our clients. In our commitment to providing convenience, please know that we provide a free DNASwabTM Home DNA Collection Kit for use in all types of private DNA tests.

Family Education and Support
Recognizing families have primary responsibility for their children’s development and well being, we offer a range of programs providing structured support and home based education to parents and their children including: Positive Parenting Program, Parent Assistance in the Home (PATH), Family Life Workshops and Groups
Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)
Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)
When you submit a DNA sample for testing an exact match in the results between you and another individual indicates that you share a common ancestor somewhere back in your family tree. This ancestor is referred to as your Most Recent Common Ancestor or MRCA. The results on their own will not be able to indicate who this specific ancestor is, but may be able to help you narrow it down to within a few generations.
Infidelity DNA Detection Services Suspect an affair?
Infidelity DNA Detection Services Suspect an affair?
Have you found a suspicious article of clothing?
Contact the DNA Identity Testing Center, a leader in DNA infidelity detection services, with years of experience in providing conclusive answers to questions of infidelity. Our powerful 3x3 DNASLEUTHTM Infidelity DNA Detection Services can provide you peace of mind.
DNA Identification and Verification
The DNA Identity Testing Center also provides genetic profiling via our SAFEDNATM ID card. Your SAFEDNA ID card will provide positive identification and may be used to ensure child safety, prevent fraud and protect assets. To inquire about SAFEDNATM, call toll free 800-DNA-EXAM, 888-R-U-MYDAD or write to us at
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